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Who We Are

The Wayne County Land Bank Corporation was formed in 2006 through an agreement between the Wayne County Treasurer and the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority. Prior to the formation of the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) in 2009, the Land Bank held in its inventory all Wayne County properties that were neither sold at foreclosure auction nor acquired by the state, city, or county through the right of refusal process. Since the formation of the DLBA, the Land Bank holds all of these unclaimed properties with the exception of those located in Detroit. Currently, the Land Bank holds title to over 1,000 properties throughout Wayne County.

The mission of the Land Bank is to return tax-foreclosed and abandoned properties to productive use, contribute tax revenue to Wayne County, and promote community rehabilitation across its municipalities. Three main objectives drive the Wayne County Land Bank’s operations:

  1. Preserving or increasing property values throughout Wayne County by actively developing vacant, under-utilized, and blighted properties.
  2. Engaging in community development projects that promote health, safety, and wellness.
  3. Working with state, local, and non-profit partners to dedicate distressed properties for public use.

Most of the Land Bank’s inventory is vacant residential property. However, the Land Bank has broad authority under state law to acquire and assemble property. Additionally, the Land Bank has the ability to quiet title to properties on an expedited basis. The Land Bank advances its mission and objectives through the following programs and projects:

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