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Anthony Cartwright

Executive Director

As Executive Director for the Wayne County Land Bank, Anthony oversees core programs operated by the Land Bank in collaboration with its municipal and private partners, including Nuisance Abatement, Quiet…

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Anne Wistow

Deputy Director

As the Deputy Director for the Wayne County Land Bank, Anne assists in the oversight of the Land Bank's day-to-day operations.  Anne provides support to the Land Bank staff and…

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Zanita Clipper

General Counsel

As the General Counsel for the Wayne County Land Bank, Zanita oversees legal matters concerning the Land Bank including representation in litigation, ensures the Land Bank’s compliance with laws and…

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Kelly Beals

Program Manager

As Program Manager for the Wayne County Land Bank, Kelly handles creating, managing, and disbursing reports related to the project as well as budget tracking and financial forecasting, project evaluation…

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Collin Roach

Property Disposition Manager

Collin brings a broad perspective to his role as Property Disposition Manager. Prior to joining the Land Bank, Collin gained experience in real estate and property rehabilitation, as well as…

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Joseph Russel

Inventory/Data Manager

Joe joins Wayne County as the Land Bank's Inventory/Data Manager. As Inventory/Data Manager, Joe is responsible for processing and managing the Land Bank's inventory, providing research, data, data analysis to…

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Justin Johnson

Field Service/Data Specialist

Justin joins Wayne County as the Land Bank's Field Service/Data Specialist. As Field Service/Data Specialist, Justin is responsible for engaging with the public and documenting the inventory of properties that…

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